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Auction Terms

Auction Membership Registration

We provide a free access to the vehicles available in auction to our website registered clients.
Registration is Free you can Sign up and get access to more than 100,000 stock in Auctions. Your information is safe with us and will be only used in case of Invoices and documentation. We do not disclose our client information to other sources.

Advance Deposit

To start bidding for the vehicles in auction you need to make an advance deposit depending upon the price of the vehicle.
Car Price Desposit
Under JPY 1,000,000 or US$ 10,000 JPY 100,000 or US$ 1,000
JPY 1,010,000~1,500,000 or US$ 10,100 ~ 15,000 JPY 200,000 or US$ 2,000
JPY 1,510,000~2,000,000 or US$ 15,100 ~ 20,000 JPY 300,000 or US$ 3,000
Above JPY 2,010,000 or US$ 20,100 JPY 500,000 or US$ 5,000
This deposit is refundable anytime before the bidding is succeeded.
*Bank charges on both side will be deducted.
Note :

Make your payment using PayPal / Credit Card
We accept payment by Credit Card/PayPal. For complete the payment process, please click here