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FAQ for Stock

Q: What is the difference between Stock and One price?
A:  Stock: The vehicles available in our own yard ready to export anytime. The final prices of the vehicles available in stock are negotiable. These are personally inspected and maintained vehicles.
One price: Vehicles are available for sale from dealer yards. The prices are fixed and we have to reserve the vehicle as per your requirement so that it is not sold to other buyer.
Q: Can I get more interior images and video of the cars in stock?
A:  More images and videos are available for the vehicles in our stock list. You can get all required images for the vehicle you are looking to buy.
Q: How can I calculate final CIF price to my country?
A:  You can use our Total CIF calculator to calculate the approximate CIF price to your destination port and country. The exact freight and insurance charges will be mentioned in the proforma invoice as per the latest available rates.
Q: What is Discounted Stock?
A:  The vehicles available on discount are discounted or Best Offer vehicles. This gives you best chance to get your required vehicle at lower price with good discount on original price.
Q: What is Clearance Sale?
A:  Vehicles available for sale at low price during clearance of the stock. Stock Clearance is carried out when new stock is to be sourced. You can get a good condition vehicle at very low cost during the clearance sale.
Q: What mode of payment is accepted?
A:  We accept the payment for the stock in both LC (Letter of Credit) and TT (Telegraphic Transfer) in our Japan Bank account only. Credit cards are not accepted.
Q: Is it safe to buy from Mihila International Co. Ltd.?
A:  Mihila International Co. Ltd. is a reputable automobile export company in Japan having experience of more than a decade in the used vehicle export industry. We are also member of renowned organization SLAAJ (Sri Lanka Automobile Association in Japan Buying from Mihila International Co. Ltd. is safe, however we advise you only make payment in our Japan Bank Account only. Beware of any fraud emails of calls in our name. You can contact us directly for confirmation anytime.